A Vinyl Subdomain: Pulling the Discogs API into a WordPress Site

Let me just start by saying we live in a really cool time in history. 🙂 I published a blog post on Saturday evening about how I noticed that Discogs.com. I keep an online record of my vinyl collection there so it seemed like a half-decent idea to see if my data could be pulled into a site that I control.

Well, I’m proud to say that not even 48 hours later and it exists (head over to vinyl.adamcroom.com if you would like to see it) thanks MOSTLY to Tom Woodward who shall be given any vinyl he’s ever wanted.

For the majority of the technical specs, I recommend that you read Tom’s blog where he brilliantly details how he parsed the API into a Google Spreadsheet and then turned it into a WordPress Custom Post Type. He’s shared both the script and the plugin.

What this means for poor little me who knows nothing about anything APIs is that I do what Tom tells me to do and then magically this happens in my WordPress instance:


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