How to Add Metabox | Save & Get Meta box Value in WordPress

Meta boxes in WordPress are the draggable boxes that exist in WordPress admin. It contains form fields to set information about the post, page, custom post type, terms, users, comments etc. Meta box can also be used to display information like in the WordPress dashboard. By default, WordPress comes with some metaboxes that exist in […]

How to Create Custom WordPress Write/Meta Boxes

Creating meta boxes is a crucial part of WordPress theme/plugin development. It’s a way to add an appealing editor to the post screen and avoids forcing users to rely on custom fields. If you’ve ever created a custom post type in WordPress, you’ve probably wanted to add some sort of additional data to it. Sure, you could use custom fields, […]

Easy Way to Add Custom Fields in WordPress Without Plugins

In the previous post, we have learned the basic concepts of custom fields and their applications. In this post, we will learn how to add custom fields to a WordPress site without coding or using a third-party plugin. We have said in the latest post that WordPress has a default function that helps end users manage custom fields in […]

Full and wide alignment in Gutenberg

The new WordPress block editor includes two new alignment options. To take advantage of the new alignment options, your theme must first support them. Include add_theme_support( ‘align-wide’ ) in your functions.php file. Full Alignment The .alignfull option should span the full width of the screen. I typically do this using the following CSS: The margin property can accept up to 4 […]

Gutenberg Blocks – Wide Alignment and Full-width

The Gutenberg editor introduces some new and interesting alignment options:- full-width wide-alignment These options require that your theme explicitly supports them.  See Developer Aside for a deeper discussion on what is needed to support these alignment options. What Does Full-Width Mean with a Sidebar? Since the use of wide-aligned and full-width may not be entirely sensible on a page with a […]

Making Conditional Tags Work Magic in Your WordPress Site

Conditional Tags are one of those things that you can leverage on your WordPress site whether you are an ace in coding or just have enough knowledge to install a plugin. It’s amazing what a simple piece of PHP can do for your WordPress site. They work well with BuddyPress too. But before we begin […]