How to Apply jQuery UI Datepicker in WordPress

WordPress has changed a lot since version 3.8, especially the admin UI theme. Following the masses, the WordPress admin UI now looks flatter, removed of gradients and shadows. It means, if you have a built theme or plugin that used a customized UI, it is time for a makeover. As an example, here I have added Data […]

How to add jQuery scripts to WordPress?

To add jQuery scripts to WordPress can make the difference between a dynamic and a dull website. On which side do you want to be? WordPress plugins and themes are part of what makes the CMS so popular, as they allow the customization and optimization of the websites hosted on the platform. However, to take full advantage of […]

How do I add a simple jQuery script to WordPress

How do I add a simple jQuery script to WordPress? This is one of the questions many WordPress site owners are searching for answers. If you are one of them, I have shared a quick tutorial that I hope will answer any of the questions you might have about adding jQuery script to WordPress. Here’s […]

Slick Slider WordPress Without Plugin | Slick Carousel

In this blog we will learn how to add a slick carousel in a WordPress Theme without using any plugins. There are couple of ways you can add a slick carousel in WordPress: Using slick-carousel npm package, or, Download required slick files. In this blog we will learn the second way, by downloading the slick files. […]

Beginners Guide: Implement jQuery Scripts into WordPress Websites

jQuery scripts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can do a variety of awesome things, but implementing them into your WordPress website can be a challenge for beginners. In particular, if the documentation is littered with hard-to-understand jargon and unclear instructions. In this article we shall walk you through the process of correctly […]

How to add jQuery to your WordPress theme

jQuery is a very popular, if not the most popular, Javascript library. It’s a clear, concise library, and more importantly, it’s fast. Being relatively small in size, in most cases, it works well without slowing load time down. It simplifies a lot of the complicated things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation, event handling, and […]