Fuzz Face NPN Silicon

Parts ListR1=33KR2=330ΩR3=8.2KR4=100K C1=2.2nFC2=0.01μF Q1=BC109Q2=BC108 VOLUME POT=A500KΩFUZZ POT=B1KΩ

The 3 Key Original Fuzz Face Types and Derivations

I have tried to be as varied and expansive in my selections here – while still including most of the usual suspects too. Understandably there is something of an overlap with my Potent Pairings article – that research is obviously still valid. I personally have nearly 60 Fuzz Face type pedals, but only include 18 of my […]

Germanium transistors for Fuzz -2

Audio preamplification transistorsex : NKT275 (Fuzz Face, 1966-67) These are the most common germanium transistors. They were designed for audio pre-amplification circuits in consumer and mid-range equipment, where they quickly replaced the tubes. They are distinguished by a gain which can reach 200, and a maximum frequency of about 1MHz. Pedals made in 1966-68 first operated with […]

Germanium transistors : TO1 case models

The TO1 standard was the first all-metal case used for germanium transistors when the black glass models were abandoned around 1964. This concerns European series like ACs, industrial series ACYs, ASYs, ASZs, the british NKTs and the japanese 2SAs…In the USA, there are larger JEDEC standard cases (TO5 box) or smaller (TO18 box) as the […]

Fuzz Face Revisited

BackgroundI already tried making a fuzz face before, but back then it didn’t fit my playing and my gear very nicely so I sold it. However, after discovering love for Les Paul and more vintagy tones, I decided to give fuzz another chance. I liked the way Bonamassa fuzz sounds on youtube clips and even […]