Display the Terms of a Custom WordPress Taxonomy

Have you been working with custom WordPress taxonomies and post types? There are many ways to display associated terms in a custom WordPress taxonomy for a post. In this article we will go through them to show you how you can easily display the associated terms. We can do pretty much everything with custom taxonomies. […]

Custom user taxonomies in WordPress

If you’re at all familiar with taxonomies in WordPress, you already know how awesome it is to add custom taxonomies to your posts or custom post types. WordPress developers have known this for a while. What many people don’t know is that the current taxonomy schema was added way back in WordPress 2.3. Yes, that means […]

A refresher on custom taxonomies

When I wrote about custom taxonomies just a year ago, not much was known or understood about them in the WordPress community. For most people, anything beyond “tags” and “categories” was unneeded anyway. And, only having only taxonomies for blog posts was essentially useless. However, with WordPress 3.0 around the corner and the introduction of custom post types, […]