Add an Expiry Date to WordPress Posts

I run a few sites which include notices and important information in a banner on their home page. I tend to use a custom post type for this, adding my banners and displaying them where I need to in my theme. (If you want to do something similar, it’s explained in this tutorial.) But invariably my […]

How to Build a Library Collection and Circulation System in WordPress

How to build a library collection and circulation system in WordPress – How to Create a Library Management System in WordPress – WordPress .htaccess: The Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Content – How to Create and Access Error Logs for WordPress – How to Set Up an Invoice System to Get […]

How to Modify the Parent Theme Behavior Within the Child Theme

What are child themes? Child themes are a useful WordPress feature that allows developers to build a new template without starting from scratch, but by taking advantage of all the features already available in an existing theme. Sometimes however, the parent theme we have chosen for our site may have some features that we don’t need (or we […]

Creating an Upcoming Events Plugin in WordPress: Introduction

WordPress is not just a blogging platform anymore, but can be used to develop complex web applications for many purposes. WordPress provides variety of APIs, thus allowing us to develop further on its base. We can extend WordPress to meet our needs using the Plugins API. With this powerful API we can develop solutions meeting […]

A visual guide to WordPress user registration hooks

There are many different WordPress hooks that are called during the user creation and registration process and it’s very important to understand how everything works together in order to choose the most appropriate hooks for your task. In this article we are going to deep dive into WordPress user registration hooks. We are going to […]