Custom Fields

After creating custom post types and custom taxonomies, you’ll need to add more details to your posts. For example, you’ll need “date” and “location” for the “event” post type. Such details are called custom fields and that’s the main thing that Meta Box does for you.

What are custom fields?

Custom fields, also called metadata, are arbitrary extra data attached to posts to provide more information about the posts.

Custom fields are a very important feature of WordPress and make WordPress a powerful CMS. You’ll see custom fields everywhere, for example:

  • On a hotel booking website: custom fields are used to add information for address, rating, or price
  • On an e-commerce website: they’re used to add details for price, quantity, or size. FYI, WooCommerce uses custom fields to store these data.

How to create custom fields?

To create custom fields, you’ll need the Meta Box Builder extension. This premium extension is already bundled in Meta Box AIO and MB Core so you can use it right away.

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