How to add jQuery scripts to WordPress?

To add jQuery scripts to WordPress can make the difference between a dynamic and a dull website. On which side do you want to be?

WordPress plugins and themes are part of what makes the CMS so popular, as they allow the customization and optimization of the websites hosted on the platform.

However, to take full advantage of these elements, it is important to know how to add and use jQuery scripts.

But do you know what jQuery is? It is a JavaScript library created by John Resig in 2006. Its main purpose is to associate with JavaScript elements in HTML in order to provide more dynamism and usability to web pages. 

Its lines of code simplify the scripts that are interpreted by the client-side browser and for this reason, it is one of the most popular libraries in the developer community. Don’t know how to use this feature?

Don’t worry. In this text, we will describe the main steps for you to add jQuery scripts to WordPress

We will go over:

Keep reading and learn more!

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