Show WordPress Login Form Anywhere Without a Plugin

You can add this code to your theme’s template file if you want to display your WordPress login form on any page without a WordPress login plugin, sidebar login widget, or footer area.

<?php wp_login_form(); ?>

This code will only display the general WordPress login page in the place where you add the code.

If you want to add a custom WordPress form page with additional fields and options, then you can use this code:

<?php $args = array(
        'echo' => true,
        'redirect' => '',
        'form_id' => 'loginform',
        'label_username' => __( 'Username' ),
        'label_password' => __( 'Password' ),
        'label_remember' => __( 'Remember Me' ),
        'label_log_in' => __( 'Log In' ),
        'id_username' => 'user_login',
        'id_password' => 'user_pass',
        'id_remember' => 'rememberme',
        'id_submit' => 'wp-submit',
        'remember' => true,
        'value_username' => NULL,
        'value_remember' => false );

Custom WordPress Login Page FAQ

I can’t find my WordPress login page

You can find your WordPress login area in 2 ways using the WordPress login URL or link.

  1. By adding wp-login.php to the end of your URL, for instance:
  2. Or by adding wpadmin to the end of your URL, such as

If you keep forgetting your login details, you can always check the “remember me” box so you won’t need to log in each time.

That’s it!

You now know how to make a login page on WordPress. You can keep your WordPress site looking professional and offer an excellent user experience for your customers.

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