The 3 Key Original Fuzz Face Types and Derivations

I have tried to be as varied and expansive in my selections here – while still including most of the usual suspects too. Understandably there is something of an overlap with my Potent Pairings article – that research is obviously still valid. I personally have nearly 60 Fuzz Face type pedals, but only include 18 of my own, 19 if I count my original Constellation OC41 variety.

I’m still a huge fan of this genre, and will undoubtedly acquire a few more in time – even though I really do not need to. Readers will know that Sof at Expresso FX is my go-to-guy for these kinds of Vintage UK style Fuzzes, while I also have a lot of love in particular for John Lyons’ Basic Audio, Marc Ahlf’s Skreddy Pedals, and Dan Querner’s DanDrive Pedal – oh and of course Greg Djerrahian over at SolidGoldFX. Of course there are several other perfectly valid examples out there – these are just my particular best-fit examples!

What we have here is essentially 4 rows – each row featuring a selection of pedals per that type (I to IV), as labelled, and as follows :

Type I Germanium

  • Analog.Man Sun Face Newmarket NKT275 Red/White Dot
  • Basic Audio Orpheum II Germanium Fuzz – CV7355
  • DanDrive Aequitas Germanium Fuzz – AC127
  • Expresso FX Germanium Fuzz – CV7005
  • King Tone MiniFuzz Germanium – NKT275 Thin-line
  • Sitek Fuzzie V2 Germanium Fuzz – GT308V + P416B
  • SolidGoldFX If 6 Was 9 Copper Germanium Fuzz – Tesla 106NU70

Type II Hard Silicon

  • Chase Tone Fuzz Fella BC108C 70’s Silicon Fuzz
  • Fulltone ’70 BC108C Fuzz
  • Monsterpiece Scratchy Snatch 6-knob BC108 Silicon Fuzz
  • Skreddy Pedals BC109 Silicon Fuzz
  • Stomp Under Foot Hellephant Silicon Fuzz – 2N222A
  • Tate FX Raise the Dead Silicon Lime Scream Fuzz – 2N3904 + BC547C
  • Wren and Cuff Your Face 70s Custom – BC108

Type III Soft Silicon

  • Analog.Man Sun Face BC183
  • BMF Sisyphuzz Silicon Fuzz – BC183
  • Chase Tone ’68 Red Velvet BC183 Silicon Fuzz
  • Foxrox Hot Silicon2 Fuzz – BC183 version
  • JDM Pedals Fuzz 292 Blue – BC183
  • King Tone MiniFuzz Silicon – BC183
  • SolidGoldFX If 6 Was 9 Silicon BC183C Fuzz

Type IV Hybrids and Derivations

  • Bearfoot FX Pink Purple Fuzz – 2N5952 + BC550C + 2N3108
  • Chase Bliss Audio / Zvex Bliss Factory – 2N3904 + 2 x AC128 equivalent
  • Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation Germanium Multi-Fuzz – OC41/OC44
  • DanDrive Austin Pride Fuzz – 2 x NTE103 + 2 x NTE123
  • Expresso FX Dual Fuzz Face Ge/Si Custom – 2 x CV7351 + 2 x CV10806
  • Spaceman Effects Sputnik III Germanium Fuzz – 3 x ГТ308В or similar Soviet NOS
  • Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory Germanium Fuzz – 2N3904 + 2 x AC128